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Hey Matt. Your name came up while I was talking with Rob Kelman today. I just finished watching a bunch of your vids on youtube. Great stuff! You are one hell of a player. I think I will try your chickenpickin lesson. Anyway, have a good day.
Jim Bathgate (AKA MrDinnertime) <>
Carson City, NV -

Hey Matt, Heard your playing on a wellegen amp demo...ended up purchasing your first cd and dvd...great playing! How did you like the amp? thx!
glenn von seidelmann <>
HH, NJ -

Matt, Your Smokin Tele playing has now been heard in Northern Iraq! I am a Soldier deployed here, I enjoy your music and am looking forward to checking out your DVD. Thanks bro, hope to see you live someday. HOOAH
CW2 Randall Wise <>
Sierra Vista, AZ -

On a whim, I did a google on my childhood buddy Stuart Stahr. I enjoyed your music from links on his site. my email to stu didn't go thru. If you can, please get my Email address to him. Would like to get back in touch. Thanks Lee
W. Lee Chambers III <>
Lewisburg, TN -

Matt, Your music is always at the top of my playlist. Both my son & daughter (11 & 8 yrs old) aspire to play like you. I wish I could play like you too! Can't wait to hear more of your Tele Twanging soon!
Andy McLaughlin <>
Atlanta, GA -

Hey Matt - Great videos!!! :^)
Rich <>
NY -

I found you at you tube-Broadcast yourself. I was impressed by your play and am envious of your talent. Thank you for good music.
Kiki <>
Japan, -

Last night was my first time listening to The Matt Rae Trio. Amazing show! My girlfriend and I had the best time. We hope to see you again in Pauling, NY and Redding, CT. Jason & Laura
Jason Rissolo <>
CT -

Congrats Matt!!!!From an old college friend- great to see you making albums. Ill definitely check them out!!!
Gretchen Kircher (Crowley) <>
MD -

Oh my god, it is Matt Rae! You sound great! Get in touch with me so I can hear what else is going on in your life....
Amy Sullivan <>
OR -

Love the new album - Caravan is my favorite song! I can get into your gigs now, because I have a Fake ID!
Manilla Namarro

Hey Yo. Love that photo of Johnny.
Mark Richter <>
WA -

I LOVE IT! Matt, how do you set your amp controls ie: bass, treble, middle, presence? I hope you can help! yours, GAZ
Gazza B (from Tennessee!) <>
TN -

Matt, Your music is amazing! I'm a Big fan, and I also wanted to congratulate you for the Peavey endorsement! Well Done!
Juan Coronado <>
Ontario, Canada, -

I really enjoyed listening to the bits on your web page. What struck me was your unforced natural feel. I play a 61 esquire and grew up on Jimmy page thats what brought me to your web page. I have had the opportunity to play with Albert Lee 2 times and they were the most exciting and stressful gigs i ever played he is a true gentleman. Thanks Randy
Randy David <>
CA -

hi matt i met your mom down here in jamaica. i am a singer and she turned me on to your website. i gave here my cd and would love to hear your music. i live in nyc and have been playing out and spent the last year working on my self produced cd, from detroit to nashville. it's a mix of rootsy, soulful, country rock n'roll. your mom is great and i can't wait to talk with you. best, kristen boyce
Kristen Boyce <>
NY -