Matt Rae offers private guitar lessons in and around the Norwalk, CT area for students of all ages and abilities. Matt concentrates on the fundamentals of theory and technique, allowing his students to take their abilities as far as they choose. He also places a strong emphasis on the fun factor, and all students will learn songs and passages from their favorite artists and guitarists.

Matt also offers private lessons around the globe via Skype. If you're interested in guitar lessons in the Connecticut area or on Skype, please contact Matt about lessons.

Chicken Pickin Jazz Guitar Instruction DVD
On this DVD Matt teaches:

  • Pedal steel string bends...without the pedal steel
  • Pick and finger hybrid picking
  • Playing over chord changes
  • Benderless" B-bender licks
  • Soloing over I VII II V chord progressions
  • Open string runs
  • Chord substitution
  • Altered and Augmented chords
  • Diminished scales, arpeggios, and diminished chords

Mr. Honalai Video Lesson

Detailed, step-by-step instruction for Mr. Honalai from Matt's Telepathic CD. Complete song with over 40 minutes of instruction. Download size is 353MB. Enjoy an audio clip of Mr. Honalai.

Download the complete video lesson for $9.95


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